Kitchen Expert visual identity and website

Kitchen Expert

The visionary minds at the shop company behind Kitchen Expert dared to dream big by creating a unique space that seamlessly blends top-notch customer service with personalized consultations and innovative kitchen planning.
To present themselves in a new market, they sought a distinctive branding and visual identity that would leave a lasting impression. This is where our team of designers stepped in, drawing inspiration from the nostalgic 50s kitchen vibes to create a modern and captivating brand. The result? A visually stunning and cohesive representation that sets Kitchen Expert apart in the market.

Kitchen Expert's visual identity

Kitchen Expert's identity is a vibrant fusion of timeless charm and contemporary flair. Our team crafted a unique logo, carefully selected a harmonious colour palette inspired by the 50s, and chose typography that exudes professionalism and modernity. This cohesive visual identity extends seamlessly into print materials, creating a memorable brand presence.

From the initial concept of a coming soon page to the grand opening of a fully responsive website, our team worked tirelessly to equip Kitchen Expert for its debut in North Macedonia. Our focus was on creating a mobile-first design that not only introduced users to the world of Kitchen Expert but also set the stage for a remarkable customer experience.

A comprehensive website

As the project unfolded, our team went beyond the basics, designing a comprehensive website that serves as a virtual gateway to the diverse offerings and services provided by Kitchen Expert. The website showcases their unwavering commitment to customers and their mission to redefine the kitchen experience. The result is a visually stunning and user-friendly website that reflects Kitchen Expert's dedication to transforming the process of planning and acquiring kitchen elements and gadgets.

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