Obrok za porodicu

3M Obrok za porodicu

"3M Obrok za porodicu" is a mobile meal application designed to facilitate easy food donations to those in need. Our team has designed a seamless and effective app UX design that captures users' attention and guides them effortlessly through the app. This project was a part of the Code 4 a Cause organized by Vega IT company, an initiative we gladly took part in with the aim to give back to the community and secure a better tomorrow for the most vulnerable citizens. Both design and development occurred during an intensive hackathon, where we had less than 48 hours to finalize the app's design. Just before the hackathon's start, we met with the app's founders, brainstormed ideas, researched the target audience, and swiftly created wireframes and prototypes. All final screens were then handed over to the Vega IT development team. Both teams worked tirelessly to ensure the app minimizes food waste and guarantees that families in need receive the nourishment they deserve.

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